Android, in simple words a revolutionary operating system in the mobile app industry and brings a lot of challenges to handle its regular updates, so we can't just take android app development lightly.
So at Parallel Team, we ensure not to miss any single updates and thus provides you the peace of mind that you actually desired for.

Parallel Team Android
Devices Support
  • Parallel team Devices Support

    Android Phone

    As of January 2019, Android has a market share of 85.9% all over the world and moreover, Play store has more than 2.2 million apps available. In other words, you can not miss the android app to reach globally.
    Parallel Team not just provide you with the best android app but also allows you to customize it with any level, so before your competitors get ahead of you, it's your chance to show something new.

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  • Parallel Team Android app

    Android Tablet

    If only android phone app needs to copy for an android tablet's then what's the point of paying extra money.
    So at Parallel Team, you will amaze to have multiple suggestions from our Mobile app consultants specifically what more we could achieve through tablets. Want to know how?

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  • Parallel Team watch

    Android Wear

    You can't deny the obsession of watches and now we have smartwatch available with ruling the industry with its simplicity to manage different apps and allowing them to connect with your product all the time.

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  • Parallel Team TV Android

    Android TV

    It's old days that TV is used for recreational purposes only, now people have shifted to the smart TV which allows them to see the bigger aspect of your product. Want to know if your product needs to be on TV?

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Languages used

Native Android

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    React Native

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